DMCA Policy

Data Tech, Inc. (“vanitykippah”) regards the protected innovation privileges of others and anticipates that its clients should do likewise. As per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, the content of which might be found on the U.S. Copyright Office site at, and explicitly as per 17 USC § 512(c)(3), vanitykippah will react speedily to cases of copyright encroachment submitted utilizing the vanitykippah administration as well as any vanitykippah site (the “Site”) if such cases are accounted for to vanitykippah’s Designated Copyright Agent recognized beneath.

DMCA Notice of Alleged Infringement (“Notice”)

On the off chance that you are a copyright proprietor, approved to follow up for one, or approved to act under any select right under copyright, kindly report claimed copyright encroachments occurring on or through the Site by finishing a DMCA Notice of Alleged Infringement and conveying it to vanitykippah’s Designated Copyright Agent. Endless supply of Notice as depicted beneath, vanitykippah will make whatever move, in its sole tact, it regards proper, including expulsion of the tested substance from the Site. If you don’t mind note that on the off chance that you neglect to conform to the entirety of the prerequisites of this segment and of 17 USC § 512(c)(3) your DMCA notice may not be legitimate.

Recognize the copyrighted work that you guarantee has been encroached, or – if various copyrighted works are secured by your Notice – you may give an agent rundown of the copyrighted works that you guarantee have been encroached.

Distinguish the material or connection you guarantee is encroaching (or the subject of encroaching movement) and to which access is to be impaired, including at least, if relevant, the URL of the connection appeared on the Site or the specific area where such material might be found.

Give your organization alliance (if pertinent), postage information, phone number, and, if accessible, email address.

Remember both of the accompanying articulations for the body of the Notice:

“I thusly express that I have a decent confidence conviction that the contested utilization of the copyrighted material isn’t approved by the copyright proprietor, its operator, or the law (e.g., as a reasonable use).”

“I thusly express that the data in this Notice is exact and, under punishment of prevarication, that I am the proprietor, or approved to follow up in the interest of, the proprietor, of the copyright or of a selective right under the copyright that is supposedly encroached.”

Give your full legitimate name and your electronic or physical mark.

Convey this Notice, with all things finished, to vanitykippah’s Designated Copyright Agent:

Copyright Agent


3875 Lauren Drive
Madison, WI 53718

[email protected]

DMCA Counter-Notice of Alleged Infringement

On the off chance that you accept that your substance that was taken out (or to which access was handicapped) isn’t encroaching, or that you have approval from the copyright holder, the holder’s operator, or as per law, to post and utilize the material in your substance, you may send a Counter-Notice containing the accompanying data to vanitykippah’s Copyright Agent:

Your physical or electronic mark;

Recognizable proof of the substance that was taken out or to which access has been impaired because of misstep or a misidentification of the substance; and

Your name, address, phone number, and email address, an explanation that you agree to the purview of the government court in Alachua County, Florida, and an explanation that you will acknowledge administration of cycle from the individual who gave warning of the supposed encroachment.

On the off chance that a Counter-Notice is gotten by the Copyright Agent, vanitykippah may send a duplicate of the Counter-Notice to the first grumbling gathering illuminating that individual that it might supplant the eliminated substance or stop incapacitating it in ten business days. Except if the copyright proprietor documents an activity looking for a court request against vanitykippah or the individual who has posted purportedly encroaching substance, the eliminated substance might be supplanted, or admittance to it reestablished, in ten business days or more after receipt of the Counter-Notice.

vanitykippah Policy Regarding Repeat Infringers

vanitykippah doesn’t support or endure copyright encroachment or any infringement of the licensed innovation privileges of vanitykippah or of others. vanitykippah claims all authority to end the entrance or potentially use benefits of any individual who has been resolved to be a ‘rehash infringer’ of the copyrights of vanitykippah or others. vanitykippah maintains all authority to characterize the rules by which vanitykippah will confirm that an individual is a ‘rehash infringer.’ In the occasion that rehash infringer’ is characterized by rule, law, or guideline as appropriate to 17 USC § 512, vanitykippah will embrace that definition as a base norm. Without restricting vanitykippah’s entitlement to characterize ‘rehash infringer,’ when in doubt, vanitykippah will characterize a ‘rehash infringer’ as any individual or element about whom vanitykippah has gotten at least two DMCA Notices of Alleged Infringement. vanitykippah will consider every single pertinent actuality and conditions while deciding if end of access and additionally use benefits of a ‘rehash infringer’ is fitting.