How To Make Snow Cone Syrup

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We are only days from beginning our late spring break and a virus treat is something we like to appreciate regularly. For Mother’s Day, my sweet spouse got me a Ninja Ultima System! I have caused smoothies and done some to squeezing with it, yet our most recent creation is unadulterated happiness! Something astonishing that this Ninja does, is that it makes day off, known as shaved ice!! Realizing that this was one of the main things I needed to attempt to make with my new toy, my better half got one container of root lager syrup for us to utilize. It was HORRIBLE!! It didn’t have an aftertaste like root brew. Natural snow cone syrup recipe.

From that second, it turned into my central goal to make my own! I went over this truly simple DIY Snow Cone Syrup Recipe and needed to impart it to you! This is so easy to make, and you without a doubt as of now have all you require to make it! Presently don’t stress, in the event that you don’t have a machine that makes the day off, put some ice 3D squares in your blender and mix. This will give you squashed ice, which will give you the first “shaved ice” impact!

UPDATE!!! We added another Sugar-Free Snow Cone Syrup formula and you can’t reveal to it’s without sugar!!!

Here are the fixings! Straightforward, isn’t that so? You can fundamentally make any kind of Kool-Aid into a DIY Snow Cone Syrup! Or on the other hand… .you can utilize various kinds of concentrate to get much more flavors. There are excessively solid concentrates that you can buy to make flavors like air pocket gum, cotton sweets and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! The one I discovered is called LorAnn Hard Candy Flavoring and you can get a 5 pack (you pick the flavors) HERE! So here’s the way to make your own DIY Snow Cone Syrup!

What is shaved ice syrup made of?

Shaved ice syrup is made of sugar, water, and enhancing. The base for snow corn syrup begins with a basic syrup which is granulated sugar and water. At that point, you add your seasoning and food shading, if desired.Bring the sugar and water to a bubble, mixing every so often. Bubble for 1 moment and eliminate from heat.It is a Snow cone syrup in store.


  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 bundle of unsweetened beverage blend Kool-Aid or other brand. Or on the other hand you can utilize 1/2 teaspoon (or more relying upon how solid you like it) of your #1 concentrate.
  • holder to place syrup in


  • In a medium pot, mix together the sugar and water.
  • Heat to the point of boiling, mix until sugar is broken up while bubbling for around 1 moment.
  • Eliminate dish from warmth and mix in seasoned beverage blend or concentrate. On the off chance that utilizing extricate start with 1/2 teaspoon add more to taste if necessary.
  • Permit to cool totally and move to the holder for pouring. The syrup will get thicker as it cools.
  • Get ready shaved ice and pour on top.

What amount of shaved ice syrup do I need?

There are a few factors that go into how much-shaved ice syrup you will require. Sort out what size your shaved ice cups or shave ice will be and the number of servings you intend to make.  Where to buy snow cone syrup? Here are a couple of estimations to kick you off:

  • 4 oz shaved ice – 2 tbsp of syrup
  • 6 oz shaved ice/shave ice/snowball – 3 tbsp of syrup
  • 8 oz shave ice/snowball – 4 tbsp of syrup
  • 10 oz shave ice/snowball – 6 tbsp of syrup

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